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      Educator, Energy Facilitator & Channel

      "I want everyone to know they possess the power to change their lives, to heal and feel joy. We are all capable. We just need to learn how to connect."


      • Reki Master in the Usui Method. 
      • 200 hour Meditation Teacher Training and Certification through Mind Body Green with Vedic Master, Charlie Knoles
      • Mindful Based Stress Reduction Training by Jon Kabat Zinn
      • Oracle School of Divine Feminine Shamanism with mentor, Carlotta Mastrojanni
      • Student of the Golden Borough School of Indigenous Italian Shamanism with mentor, Karyn Crisis 
      • Training on Mindfulness and Fear by Tara Brach - The National Institute for Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine
      • The Quest Course led by Deepak Chopra and Martha Beck
      • The Science of Happiness Program - University of California, Berkeley
      • Ordained Interfaith Minister
      • Bachelor of Science in Biological Science from Northeastern University
      • Master’s of Art in Studio Arts, Sculpture and Ceramics from Adelphi University
      • Master’s of Art in Teaching from the School of Visual Arts, K-12 Certification
      • Completed doctorate level course work at Columbia University and conducted research on the topic of mindfulness and art-making

       MY STORY:

      I was born and raised on Long Island, New York with a deep connection to nature and animals. As a child, I was drawn to alternative healing methods. I began meditating early on and kept an extensive crystal collection. As years went on, I lost touch with this intuitive side of myself, and it wasn’t until years later that I reconnected with it. 

      I attended college at Northeastern University where I studied Biological Science and went on to earn a Degree in Art from Adelphi University. I fell in love with the art community and wanted to immerse myself in it, so I earned a second Master’s Degree in Teaching Art from the School of Visual Arts. During my time as an art educator, I worked with a wide range of students. I taught children at a NYC homeless shelter, international students from Korea and Brazil, and high schoolers at an elite private school. As a teacher, I realized all of these students, regardless of their background, had one thing in common...they were stressed out, over worked and looking for connection and meaning in their lives.

      Thanks to this revelation, I began my Doctorate in Education at Columbia University, with a dissertation on Art as a Form of Mindfulness. After extensive research, including an eight-week MBSR (Mindful Based Stress Reduction) course, I discovered my passion was not really in art education, but in the meditative and healing arts.

      I was fascinated by what I was experiencing and through each experience, I was reconnected with my empathic, intuitive self. I was astonished at how every "spiritual" experience I had, connected me to a feeling of flow, timelessness and deep connectivity. With this, I left my teaching job and doctorate program and decided to lean in to the path of spirituality and healing arts, even more deeply. 

      I soon completed a 200-hour meditation teacher training with Vedic Master Charlie Knoles. I attended retreats, most notably with Zen master, Thich Nhat Hanh, and took classes with various experts on mindfulness, limiting negative beliefs, stress management, happiness, and divine femininity and became a Reiki Master. I was moved by this breath of knowledge and craved more, but most importantly, the teacher in me felt compelled to share what I was uncovering with others.

      With each new obstacle life brought my way, ranging from health and relationship issues, to new motherhood, fertility complications and the list goes on; I experienced the transformative and powerful healing capabilities of choosing this path.

      I truly believe everyone has the capacity to feel happy, fulfilled and empowered, and it’s become my mission to lead people to that ideal. I hope you will join me on this incredible journey. 

      With Gratitude,