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       During my time as a teacher and energy worker, I’ve come to find that many people believe they do not have the ability to participate in their healing (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) or change their life circumstances. I’ve also realized, that some people are unaware of their innate ability to connect with source energy, leading so many to become disconnected from their personal power and authentic, higher self. It has become my mission to change that. 

          I want people to know that they are responsible for their journey. And most importantly, that EVERYONE possesses the power to heal and can manifest the life they want - a life filled with love, health, abundance and happiness. I wanted to find a way to put the power back into the hands of the people…where it belongs! This led me to develop the Da Madre Terra Ritual Kit.

        The Ritual Kit is an all inclusive resource that guides the user through a three part process of clearing, charging and changing energetically. The process not only shifts the users energy, but teaches them how to (re)connect - because after all, energy is everything! The best part about The Ritual Kit is that it pairs both sacred and common items to create a simple, everyday ritual that will help the user embrace their personal power and transform their life.


          The Ritual Kit is an all inclusive resource that guides the user through a three part process of clearing (purifying), charging (elevating) and changing (manifesting) energetically. Each ritual kit is intentionally designed to empower, strengthen and inspire the user to reclaim their personal power, heal and thrive.


      Semi-Precious Gemstone Jewelry Talisman

      Clear Quartz Activator Crystal

      Stick of Sustainably Sourced Sacred Palo Santo

      Satin Pouch

      Book of Matches

      Step-by-step guide on how to perform The Ritual.

        All of our jewelry is made from 14k gold vermeil or sterling silver.

        *Please note, contrary to popular belief, Palo santo is not endangered. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has released a review of bursera graveolens’s conservation status and has declared it “of least concern.” Our Palo Santo (Burseara Graveolens) is sustainably and ethically sourced from from Peru, and comes from trees and branches that have fallen naturally and laid at rest for up to 10 yrs. before being harvested. It is purchased directly from  indigenous people, helping support their community.