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      What Is An Affirmation?

      An affirmation is a positive, personalized statement, said in the first person, that can be used to reduce stress, increase happiness and manifest your dreams and desires. The most important part of working with crystals is to use them with an affirmation.

      How Does It Work?

      Research has shown that people who view themselves as lucky are actually more likely to become lucky. This phenomenon is known as priming, otherwise known as the energy of attraction. It is related to the idea that whatever you put out into the universe, you will attract.

      Affirmations work this way, too! For example, if you believe you are unlucky in love, you are likely to be unlucky in love. However, if you speak a positive affirmation daily, such as "I am open to a wonderful romantic relationship" then your subconscious mind will begin to emit the energy that reflects the statement, therefore making it more likely for you to enter a healthy, loving relationship. And by the way, a rose quartz would be the best stone to assist in this sort of endeavor!  

      Science has proven that affirmations work by retraining the subconscious mind, and that working with an affirmation produces chemical changes in the brain that create benefits for those who use them. When you think positive thoughts, your brain releases certain chemicals that are related to positive emotions, thus leading to positive change. Positive affirmations work as an eraser to your negative neural pathways.

      How To Create An Affirmation:

      Speak in the first person, use the present tense and state positive statements, out loud.

      Some examples might be:

      I am smart and successful.

      I deserve true love.

      I am free from fear.

      My body is strong and healthy.