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      Host a Ritual Party

      Thank you for your interest in Hosting a Ritual for Da Madre Terra.

      As Ritual Host you will act as brand ambassador and guide. Each piece of jewelry is part of a kit that includes sacred items that will lead the wearer through a powerful ritual. This ritual will teach the wearer how to CLEAR, CHARGE, and CHANGE their energy- all through the use of beautiful crystal jewelry. As the host, you will be available to answer questions as well as sell the jewelry. All of our jewelry is made with semi-precious gemstones and sterling silver or gold vermeil (sterling covered in 14k gold). We do not use nickel, cadmium or lead in any of our designs.

      Perks to Hosting a Ritual:

      • Get 50% off one piece of jewelry as a hosting gift. 
      • Earn 20% of net revenue on orders purchased and placed during the event.
      • Obtain access to our informative learning resource which includes in depth information on each portion of The Ritual and how it works.