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      There are many ways to connect with energy and to begin or deepen your spiritual practice. I have found one of the most effective ways is to use techniques that will clear, charge and change your energy. These techniques can also be used to effect the energetic vibration of objects and places/spaces.

      One of the most important parts about a developing or deepening a spiritual practice is to keep in mind, intention is always key and it's important to remain open minded.

      There are countless "way to practice" and different things resonate with different people, what might be most effective and best for you, might not be right for someone else.

      There are many techniques and rituals worth experiencing and having someone help navigate them is extremely helpful. It is also helpful to be able to discuss what you are encountering and what is clicking (or not clicking) and be directed accordingly.

      To work 1:1 visit our services page, to try a ritual that will take you through the steps to clear, charge and change your energy try our ritual kit .

      If you are interested in learning more, check out the CLEARING, CHARGING AND CHANGING section of this site.