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      What is Energy?

      What is energy? And how can I "elevate" mine? What is an energetic vibration? Is this real?!

      These are all questions you might be asking. I’m sure you have also heard a lot of buzz words around this topic, like “good vibes” and “high vibration.” And while I don't always think that it’s helpful for things to get watered down, as it tends to reduce its importance and significance...I do think it‘s helpful that the word is finally getting out and people are becoming more aware of their energetic, infinite selves!

      I also want to share that I was once a skeptic too. I have a degree in Biology and I have taken many courses in physics, organic chemistry, biochemistry, anatomy and physiology. So, you might be asking, how did a science minded person end up as an energy worker? Well, I'm happy to share that energy work can be both spiritual and scientific. 

      One of the most fascinating and exciting parts about working in the energy field during this time is that thousand year old traditions, practices and schools of thought, are now being supported by science. Similarly to how yoga and meditation have been around for thousands of years, but only recently has science been able to support the benefits of the practice with evidence. So keep an open mind! And if you want to learn more about this invisible force field that connects and drives all of life and beyond...continue reading. 

      Below is a bit of background information on what "energy" is - and how it impacts you and your life. The topic is vast and complex, but I think it‘s important to understand the basics, even if it’s on a surface level. 

      Quantum Physics has found everything in the universe is energy. 

      Science Says:
      • Cells are made of atoms,
      • Atoms are made of protons, electrons, neutrons, and quarks,
      • When you break electrons, protons, neutrons, and quarks down, they are very small amount of matter and mostly vortices of energy.

      Therefore: We are comprised of a small amount of matter and the majority, energy.

      Understanding the First and Second Law of Thermodynamics:

      Within the energetic scope, there are two important things to keep in mind. 

      The first, is the law of thermodynamics, also known as the conservation of energy, in this we learn that energy can not be created or destroyed, it simply changes form.

      The next is the second law of thermodynamics which states that energy is always working to achieve equilibrium (balance). Everything from the formation of mountain ranges, to volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and weather are all a result of energy transformations trying to re-establish equilibrium.

      In short, every single thing you can fathom, from the cosmos, the earth, to your personal body - is working in a unified energetic field where energy is always being exchanged, projected and absorbed in a dance to establish equilibrium.

      Therefore: Our physical bodies may be temporary, but our energetic self is infinite and we are interacting within the energy matrix around us - all the time.

      What is Energetic Vibration and Frequency? 

      Energetic vibration is the frequency in which an energy field is emitting. 

      Science has measured the human energy field to be somewhere around 62 to 68 Hz. Meanwhile a the frequency of a rose is 320 MHz - possibly one of the highest readings on earth. Every person and every living thing emits a frequency and holds an energetic vibration. 

      This means every single one of us is emitting an energetic vibration at all times. 

      Everything that exists in the physical world has a vibration. 

      Now you might be asking, what controls the energtic frequency that comes from each person?

      In short, our heart and brain influence this frequency — the emotions we feel and the thoughts we hold and how we decide to project them.

      Researchers at the HeartMath Institute in California have even discovered that the heart emits an electromagnetic energetic field that extends almost three feet from the body. This is amazing scientific evidence!

      This also means, our thoughts are so much more powerful than we realize! 

      To better understand how our thoughts influence our energetic body, we can think about how our thoughts send triggers to our body and brain which is then responsible for releasing chemicals (like dopamine and cortisol among many). These thoughts also have the power to regulate our nervous system. Our most primitive ancestors survived this way by yielding into flight, fright, freeze. So, of course if these physical responses are happening, we are energetically responding as well....remember it’s all about equilibrium!

      David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., created this diagram for one of his books. It gives a visualization of different vibrational states based on emotions:

      As you can see, when you are happy, your energetic vibration increases, whereas, when you feel fear or shame it is lowered. This is not to say that you stay in these states forever, but just as your vibrations can be lowered it can also be raised. This energy is palpable and perhaps you can even recall a time that you walked into a room and just knew the person standing next to you was angry or sad without even speaking to them. Maybe their energy even “rubbed off” on you in an exchange, putting you in an unexpected bad mood. 

      So, now that you realize you are essentially made of energy and your energetic self is always working to achieve balance within and with your surroundings, how does this effect you? And why is this important to know? 

      Most importantly, this evidence validates that this is real. And secondly, it's amazing to know that with conscious thought and our free will, we can become an active participant in changing our energetic vibration. 

      There are many ways to become conscious of your energetic field and raise your "vibration."

      In my experience and studies, I have found that energy elevation is best approached when it is broken down into three categories and while they are all separate and can work independently, when they work together they will elevate your energy and raise your personal vibration. 

      This begins with clearing your energetic body, followed by charging or re-charging and then consciously setting intentions to manifest change.

      One of the most important parts to remember is that our bodies and our world is truly a case of mind over matter. Because as we have learned, we are mostly energy with very little matter (the physical stuff)! 

      Intention is key and it's important to remain open minded.

      This work can be done in many ways. There is no “one size fits all” for energy work. And the most, most, most, important point is....YOU ARE ABLE TO DO THIS YOURSELF. Yes, you read that correctly. You are the person responsible for your own energy elevation. YOU ARE THE PERSON IN POWER - it’s about learning how to embody that power.  

      If you are curious about energy work and would like to learn more or work 1:1 with me, visit the services page, or to try a ritual that will take you through the steps of clearing, charging and changing your energy, try the ritual kit.

      I have broken out this information into three components which all work together for optimal energetic elevation. Start with clearing, then charge then on to change. 

      I continuously add to these, they are all working documents and by no means are all-inclusive.