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      Spiritual Consulting & Personalized Program Development

      This program is broken out into three parts, an introductory call, the customized program development and a follow up call.
      You will also receive 20% off all future services. 

      Introduction call (30-60min virtually)-  I will get to know more about your likes, dislikes, what brought you to seek spiritual consulting and about your lifestyle.

      I will develop a customized program specially for YOU. I will create individualized techniques and teachings that will assist in clearing, charging and changing your energy and that fit into your lifestyle and belief system. We will go over this entire program and I will walk you though all instructions you might need. This program can also include referrals to other spiritual professionals that have been vetted by me. (1-2 sessions of 45-60min virtually) 

      Every program is truly unique, but many programs include elements of:

      • Meditation Instruction
      • Mindful Based Stress Reduction as taught by UMass Medical School
      • Reiki Healing
      • Customized Guided Meditation Recordings
      • Manifestation and Intention Coaching
      • Science based affirmations tailored specifically to you
      • Techniques on how to protect your energy
      • Information on connecting with guides or ancestors
      • Oracle card reading
      • Journaling Exercises
      • Relevant reading recommendations
      • Crystal curation and selection
      • Space Clearing
      • Self Care Rituals, etc.
      Once you have had time to experiment with the program we will schedule one check in call (45-60min virtual) where we can address any questions you have, further address techniques, etc. 
        What is a Spiritual Consultant and what do they do?

        Spiritual consultants help individuals to develop, manage and maintain spiritual and energetic health. They act as a guide, teacher and facilitator selecting certain techniques, rituals and experiences that will help the client to cultivate and/or deepen their spirituality. 

        Since each person’s belief system and journey is vastly different, there is not a “one size fits all” for spiritual development. A spiritual consultant will work with you to make sense of what you are experiencing, along with making suggestions that will lead you toward your authentic self, true path, higher vibration energy and a spiritual practice that resonates with you. 

        Often those who begin work with a spiritual consultant experience personal growth and transformation along with multi-level healing.  You do not need to be religious or spiritual to benefit from this type of work, however, you do need an open mind!


        Here are just a few of the reasons why people have chosen to work with me:

        • Form a deeper connection with their true/authentic self.

        • Gain clarity, direction and better understand their life’s purpose.

        • Develop a devotional practice that resonates with them.

        • Understand or deepen their intuition and/or spiritual gifts. 

        • Develop tools (like meditation & mindfulness) to help cope with stress, anxiety, depression, etc.

        • Learn how to cultivate mindful relationships, self acceptance and love.

        • Heal from physical, emotional, spiritual trauma.

        What is the difference between Coaching, Counseling and Consulting?

        Coaching is about setting and achieving goals with assistance. Spirituality and connection should never have goals- it should go where it needs to and learning/discovery/the journey is not linear. 

        Counseling focuses on the relief of distress. One does not need to be in distress to seek spiritual connection, this type of connection, along with the innate gifts and abilities that we ALL possess is our birth right. 

        Consulting is when you seek to address a specific topic by using the knowledge of a professional, this can include teaching or training. This most closely describes the relationship between client/student and spiritual consultant. As a spiritual consultant will fill in gaps, educate and (re)new your relationship with spirituality, address obstacles and help you to develop spiritual practices that work for YOU.